Mounted Reversible Plough
NITOR means ploughing quality, operational efficiency and user comfort
Perfect design of ÜNLÜ AgriGroup ploughs makes soil cultivating easy as possible with low fuel consumption and timing.
Combination of High Quality steel chassis and perfect engineering design ÜNLÜ AgriGroup ploughs suits all soil types and hard conditions and makes the ploughing easiest than ever.


Clasa is your first step towards high yields on your wide farm

The CLASA is ÜNLÜ AgriCulture's semi-mounted reversible plough line for large farms that require maximum ploughing width at a time providing farmers with high efficiency and economy. Offered with a selection from 7 to 12 furrows ÜNLÜ's CLASA is a heavy-duty plough characterized by its robustness and also its flexibility to changing conditions and farmer needs.

Plough is the product line with the oldest tradition in ÜNLÜ's history as it is in the history of soil cultivation. Today one of every two ploughs sold in local market carries ÜNLÜ brand. That means manufacturing 25,000 ploughs a year; a number high enough to give us an unrivaled experience, know-how and competence when it comes to plough.

We know that number of technical data can slightly explain the quality of a plough. The real quality and the value of a plough reveals itself as the total benefits to the farmer during the life time of the plough. We are proud of the fact that thousands of farmers  have been using, appreciating and approving the value of ÜNLÜ ploughs for almost half a century.

Our plough offer ranges from small implements for 65 HP tractors to giant 12 furrow semi mounted reversible ploughs and from basic models to developed ones with comprehensive range of features and accessories on it. Farmers can find a true solution at ÜNLÜ for their ploughing needs of all soil conditions.

Continuous and stepped working width adjustment, mechanical and hydraulic stone protection systems and a set of interbody distance selection are among the features provided by ÜNLÜ for its customers.

Ünlü Ploughs provide farmers with

Perfect surface leveling with equal-height furrows
Totally inverted furrow with no trash
Excellent furrow packing without hump or hole
Clean-cut furrow line

In summary ploughing quality…